Kangaroo Manufacturing

Always fun – all the time

Kangaroo is a manufacturer of retail consumer goods with a strong emphasis on toys and novelties.

G Media created brand positioning, logo and color scheme to visually communicate the fun and novelty aspects of the company in simple graphics and colors. We carried this over into all of the company's print materials including stationery, business cards, product catalogs, and tradeshow booth graphics. We also created an adaptive hybrid e-commerce, wholesale and retail resource website showcasing the wide variety of novelty items Kangaroo offers.

Additionally, our team worked heavily on actual product items, such as the inflatable guitars and play food set, and we developed packaging for about a dozen different product items such as polybag inserts, hang tags, retail pop-up display boxes, PDQ displays, and more.


Create a complete brand identity and all related print and digital materials including a fully adaptive e-commerce website


  • Created a fun and energetic brand identity
  • Produced a complete brand experience across all media and print materials
  • Designed and built an adaptive online retail site for use by wholesalers and consumers

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