Green Goddess Supply

The next step in the evolution of the "Head Shop"

Green Goddess Supply is a manufacturer of high-end smoking accessories and wanted to move the concept of a "Head Shop" into the next stage of evolution with a more sophisticated, but still fun selection of smoking accessories, as well as foster an online culture of higher-level smoking fans.

G Media developed brand positioning, logo and color scheme and created an e-retail website that was fully adaptive for desktop and mobile users. Additionally, our team worked heavily on all aspects of product sourcing and customization (engravings, product alterations, packaging, etc.). Additionally, we designed polybag inserts, retail pop-up display boxes, postcard mailers, product catalogs, packaging, boxes as well as all digital and print media materials for their ongoing marketing efforts.


Create a full brand experience for Green Goddess Supply, create a fully-adaptive e-commerce site as well as ongoing design and creative support for online marketing efforts


  • Create brand logo, identity and key messaging
  • Design and build a fully-responsive e-commerce website for Green Goddess products
  • Collaborate with Green Goddess on product design and ongoing marketing efforts

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